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Monday 15th June 2009

Credit crunch travellers save money with MP3 tours

Canny travellers this year are downloading audio trails and tours so that they can explore at their own pace and save money. Julie Dean who runs, one of the most comprehensive free to access audio tour portals on the web said, “MP3 audio tours have been growing in popularity over recent years. Its a bit like using a museum audio guide but travellers like the fact that they can use their own equipment, and explore a location without looking like a tourist. What was once the preserve of the backpacker is now spreading. “Since last year we have had an amazing 59% increase in hits on the website, and we can only put it down to the credit crunch. These tours are often free or can be downloaded for under a fiver Audio tours are a very flexible and relaxing way of exploring, users don’t have to be part of the herd and can break off when they wish. Our site brings all the existing tours together for easy search and review.” There are many tours available on the web which range from top tourist sites to off the beaten track locations. You can really discover the heart of a place without having to dig deep in your pocket.

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