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Monday 24th November 2008

All Ears on Christmas Markets is making it easy for people this year by offering access to audio trails for a whole range of European Christmas destinations. Visitors are flocking to the Christmas Markets of Europe in search of the festive spirit on a budget. In between the gluhweins, many are keen to discover the history and traditions of the city too, but a formal tour can’t always be fitted easily into a short trip, or too close to Christmas Day. By downloading an audio trail before a visit and popping an ipod into their bags, visitors can explore the festive cities whenever it suits them. Some tours are even available via mobile phone. Said Julie Dean of Audioguide2go, “more people our using our site to locate tours specifically for their visits to the Christmas Markets. Last year we saw people downloading tours in Prague, as late as Christmas Eve! At the moment the most popular searches are for tours of Budapest’s Castle District which is a particularly beautiful area of the city, and magical covered in snow. We also have tours to less obvious Christmas market cities such as Rome or Toulouse.” For those feeling the credit crunch, many audio tours are available for the UK. Bath York Edinburgh and Norwich are just a few of the cities with a European Christmas market offering an audio tour. For more information

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