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Audio guides are great for visitors

  • They are easy to use.
  • Many people prefer them to traditional guides.
  • They provide invaluable accessibility for visually impaired or Dyslexic visitors.

Audio Guides have traditionally been provided on audio players made available at the attraction to which they relate. The problem with this business model is

  • High hardware costs at set up
  • Demand often outstrips supply at popular times.
  • They are only practical to use at manned attractions.

AudioGuide2Go is Born ! enables owners of personal music players (including iPods, MP3 Players, mobile phones and hand held computers) to download Audio Guides from the Internet that they later listen to on their personal music player whilst they visit places of interest.

Visitor Benefits

  • They use equipment they are familiar and comfortable with.
  • They can preview and access information about an attraction before visiting.
  • They can keep the download after their visit as a memento.
  • Much wider range of tours available than with traditional methods.

Attraction Benefits

  • Much lower set up costs.
  • You have an opportunity to promote your attraction through the web site.
  • You can provide a tour without any physical boundaries, for use at any time of day and without the need to manage the distribution & collection of hardware.


We will be promoting using PR and advertising to ensure a steady stream of visitors to this website.

Each individual attraction listed on includes information about the attraction and a link back to the attractions own web site or contact details.

We can help you

  • If you already provide visitors with an audio tour and own the copyright to the content can make your audio tour available to a wider range of visitors by making it available for download from this site. This can help you promote your attraction and manage demand during busy times.
  • If you don't have the copyright or don't want to make the tour available by download we will be happy to identify on our web site that your attraction has a traditional audio tour available.
  • If you don't currently have an audio tour we can assist you to research and develop a tour with one of our partners specializing in audio guide productions. We may even be able to help with sourcing grant funding to assist with the production cost.
  • If you are an Audio Guide production company and make your customers guides available for download from the web site we will add you to our list of recommended production companies and pass your details on to partners and potential partners wanting guides produced.

You can help us to help you

We ask our partners to keep the entries on the web site up to date and to have a link to the site on their own website.

If you want to partner with us please email us at or call us on 01824 708771.

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