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Salzburg is best known as Mozart's home town - though in fact, it seems he couldn't wait to get out of the place! But there's much more to this Austrian city than just Mozart. Salzburg's origins go back to the Romans, who built a camp here, but the modern city goes back to the early Middle Ages when its importance as a salt trading centre gave it its name - 'salt-mountain'.

The audio tour of Salzburg will show you how the city evolved from a medieval trading post to the seat of a prince-bishop who ruled his own domain. You'll be introduced to two of the bishops - Wolf Dietrich, who laid out the area around the cathedral as the first baroque urban centre north of the Alps, and Johann Ernst von Thun, whose patronage of the architect Fischer von Erlach made Salzburg a treasurehouse of the high Baroque.

We'll visit the Franciscan church, with its surprising mix of dark Romanesque and luminous Gothic work, and you'll see the portraits of the masons who were responsible for the lovely choir. The tour will show you the cathedral, together with a number of Fischer von Erlach's churches in a rather austere Baroque style, and I'll explain how Fischer borrowed many of his themes and ideas from the Roman architects Bernini and Borromini. We'll also see Fischer's less severe successor Hildebrandt's work in the Mirabell palace - originally built for Wolf Dietrich's mistress Salome von Alt, but later rebuilt as an episcopal palace.

I'll also show you the superb Renaissance mausoleum where Wolf Dietrich is buried - close to Mozart's wife, as it happens.

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