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Vienna is several different cities. It was Roman Vindobona; in the Middle Ages, it was the centre of the Babenbergs' domains, where English King Richard the Lionheart was held for ransom; in the Renaissance and Baroque it was the capital of the Habsburg Empire. Then came the nineteenth century when the Austro-Hungarian Empire reached its greatest expanse - and the modernist reaction represented by the Secession with its Art Nouveau style.

Our audio tour of Vienna shows you all these cities - and more. We introduce you to Augustin, the drunken bagpiper; to Fischer von Erlach and Lukas von Hildebrandt, the great baroque architects; to Metastasio, the writer, and Mozart, who set one of his operas for the emperor's coronation.

Highlights of the Podtour:

* Freyung with its aristocratic palaces, including one of the finest baroque staircases in the country.
* The Karlskirche, an eclectic baroque work by Fischer von Erlach which embodies imperial propaganda - Vienna as the new Rome.
* Judenplatz with its memorial to the Jewish dead of the Second World War.
* St Stephen's Cathedral with its amazing late Gothic pulpit and the self-portrait of mason Anton Pilgram.
* The Hofburg, palace of the Habsburgs, which grew over the centuries to truly incredible size.

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