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Our audio tours of the Ypres Salient have been drawn up by Jon Halperin, a member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides who regularly takes visitors around the Great War sites in Belgium and France. His audio tours draw on his personal experiences as well as a wealth of historical evidence. Prepare to be moved as we visit the places where men fought and died.

The Ypres Salient podtours are designed to be used as self-drive visits. Each of the two tours will probably take about a day, including driving time and some tine to look around. But we do recommend you don't listen and drive at the same time.

The Ypres Salient - the major sites

Highlights of the tour:

* The only German cemetery on the entire Salient, at Langemarke
* Tyne Cot Cemetery, and a memorial to the Australians who were used as shock troops to take the ridge here
* Learn how screw pickets made the soldier's life easier - and made a fortune for the industrious Swiss

We visit Sanctuary Wood, Hooge, Polygon Wood, Tyne Cot, Langemark, and Essex Farm. A map and full directions are included with the audio file for the tour.

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