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Vancouver Talks: a self-guided audio tour of Vancouver's Gastown, Chinatown, Stanley Park and the West EndTour tells compelling tales about city's past - Audio guide avoids dry recitation of history and tells Vancouver's story in vignettes and anecdotes.

Kevin Griffin

... A group of Vancouverites who share an enthusiasm for good urban stories has just released a new audio tour of the city.

It's called Vancouver Talks: A Walking Audio Tour. For $14.50 a day, you rent an MP3 player with 24 audio tracks relating stories from Gastown, Chinatown, Stanley Park and the West End. It's the same as an audio tour of a museum or art gallery -- except in this case it's all outside. ...

... Although the audio tour was designed for tourists, it really is also an educational tool because of the way it links story-telling with city landmarks. Think of it as an intelligent, audio documentary about Vancouver.

And unlike most tours that leave at set times on a set routine, you can do the tour at your own pace because you control the MP3 player. That means you can have a latte or skip stones on the water around Stanley Park at any time you want. ...

Available on CD orMp3 Rental
Also ESL version

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Can be done by car City Trail

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