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 Florence: Beyond the Guidebook


Thank you for your interest in 's MP3 Audio Guide of Florence; beyond the guidebook. This "talk about" tour will walk you through the city, highlighting sights and history that is often missed or passed over by the average tourist. Sure you can stand in line at the Duomo and again to see Michelangelo's David but on the way why not see the Petrified Woman or one of the world's oldest pharmacies?

Your download will also include a printable PDF map created specifically for this tour.

On this tour we will see and hear about:

Purchasing tickets at the train station
Santa Maria Novella
Piazza Santa Maria Novella
Gothic architecture; what is it?
One of the world's oldest pharmacies
A great little wine store; Vini e Delizie
The Petrified Woman of Florence
Pass by the Duomo
An interesting place to grab some Gelato
The history of Dante and his home
Dante's Church and true love's tomb
Piazza Signoria; Pallazzo Vecchio, Loggia, Michelangelo's David
Where to get tickets for the Uffizi Gallery
The Ponte Vecchio (old bridge)
The lover's locks
Suggestions on other off the beaten path attractions to check out.

By purchasing this audio guide you can easily download the entire album of tracks to your MP3 player or ipod and explore the city at your own pace. There's no need to follow a group or pay outlandish prices to have someone dictate how long you can linger and enjoy the sights. The low cost of this downloadable tour, which can be shared with others in your family, ensures you have more money to spend on a wonderful Italian dinner or superb bottle of wine. We believe enjoying your time in Florence means going at your own pace, understanding the rich history behind what your looking at and saving your money for the extras that make Europe great. Be aware that while this tour takes you by the Duomo we won't actually be discussing the history of the Basilica. If you're interested our other tour of Florence, Essential Florence, does go into great detail about the Religious Center of Florence as well as Piazza Signoria, another stop on this tour. Essential Florence would be a great companion piece to this tour.

Audio : 38 Minutes

Tour Duration: 2-3 hours

Distance Traveled: 1.5 Miles / 2.4 Kilometers

Remember you are walking in a real world full of cars, bikes, lost tourists and pickpockets. Take care when listening to our tours and be aware of your surroundings. noambit can not be held liable for any loss or injury while enjoying our tours.

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