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Upper East Side: The Money Tour

The Upper East Side. New York City’s Gold Coast, home to one of every ten billionaires in the country. This tour focuses on the Gilded Age of this storied district, when old money and the newly rich built mansions galore, turning this “suburb” of downtown into the most luxurious neighborhood in America.

The tour begins at Grand Army Plaza on 5th Avenue and 59th Street, and continues along Fifth, Madison and Park Avenues, finishing at the entrance to Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Stops include:

* The Fabbri Mansion: one of two fabulous homes commissioned by Margaret Vanderbilt Shepard for her daughters (the other, now the Lotos Club, is also on the tour)
* Andy Warhol’s townhouse
* The Park Avenue Armory: home to the first regiment to be known as the National Guard
* The Frick Mansion: one of the finest small museums in the country, with works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Goya, and El Greco
* The Mansions of Joseph Pulitzer, James Duke, Stuyvesant Fish: Gilded Age living at its best
* The Whitney Museum: Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney turns a brush off from the Met into a mecca of contemporary art
* Entrance to The Metropolitan Museum of Art: where you will be introduced to one of the most fascinating (and obvious) little secrets in New York

The Museums of the Upper East Side are must sees for every New Yorker and every visitor to the city. As a compliment to your museum visits, this tour will open your eyes to the architecture, the history and the lore of one of New York City’s most fascinating neighborhoods.
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