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Greenwich Village: Farmland to Cultural Touchstone

It began as a farming community, evolved to the original suburbs of Manhattan and later became a mecca for artists, writers and musicians. Greenwich Village is a much storied and legendary place. It is a must for any visitor. And a neighborhood that holds hidden mystique for even the most ardent New Yorker.

See one of the oldest cobblestone streets in the city. See where old horse stables have been transformed into some of the most desirable real estate in Manhattan. Visit the only Prohibition-era speakeasy still in operation; see the site of the first wedding by a standing US president. And a neighborhood not without its quirks, how about a home that's just 8.5 feet wide and worth a fortune? Or, thanks to some poor city planning almost 200 years ago, a street that actually intersects with itself.

The tour begins in Washington Square Park.
Stops include:

* Washington Square Park
* Washington Arch
* The houses of The Row
* Washington Mews
* The Jefferson Market Library
* The Northern Dispensary (at the corner of Waverly Place and Waverly Place - no joke!)
* Stonewall Inn
* St. Luke in the Fields
* Chumley's
* Edna St. Vincet Millay's home
* Grove Court
* The homes of West 10th Street
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