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 Australia Sydney Illawarra Digital Tour Guide


Discover the magnificent, new Sea Cliff Bridge. Be impressed by the bridge’s bold architectural design but be sure to keep an eye out for the often-sighted pods of dolphins!

Our innovative self-drive Illawarra tour takes you to the Sea Cliff Bridge and many other great attractions. Learn more about the convict-built Wollongong Harbour, the peaceful Nan Tien Temple, numerous galleries and multitude of breath-taking vistas. During the trip you are encouraged to consider a wide selection of cafes and restaurants to enhance your travel experience.

The Digital Tour Guide commentary combines intriguing snippets about the Illawarra's industrial heritage, information on both natural and man-made attractions in the area, and of course real-time directions to make following the tour a breeze.

A fold out companion map is included with the tour. A detailed introduction is included in the first chapter (or track) of the tour CD. It is recommended that you listen to this prior to setting off on your journey as it explains how to use the Guide. Remember, you only need a keen sense of adventure and, of course, a CD player in your vehicle!

Approximate driving distance of this tour, from the starting point is 115km and the itinerary takes you along Lawrence Hargrave Drive for part of the tour.
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