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 Wiltshire Old Wardour Castle

One of England's most romantic castles, in a secluded lakeside setting Built in the late 14th century for John, fifth Lord Lovel, this unusual six-sided castle was unique in medieval English architecture. Not only was it a secure house, it was also a luxurious residence, with multiple rooms for guests. Old Wardour was intended to impress visitors and guests with its builder's wealth, taste and power. Badly damaged in the English Civil War, it was restored to the Arundell family who continued to maintain it as a ruin when they built New Wardour nearby in 1776. Its setting makes it one of England's most romantic ruins. An audio tour brings the long history of this fascinating castle to life. There are occasional events at Old Wardour; please contact the site for details.

For further information please visit:
Historic Site

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