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Redon is situated on the border of two administrative regions called Brittany and Pays de Loire and at the cross roads of three départments, the Ile et Vilaine, the Morbihan and the Loire Atlantique.
Redon was created at the juncture of the Vilaine and Oust rivers. It is the sub-prefecture of the Ile et Vilaine département. This market town had a population of 6 500 before World War Two, it is 10

01. Maison du Tourisme
02. Redon Town Hall
03. St Sauveur Church
04. Cloister of the old abbey
05. Quai Saint Jacques
06. The old ship-owner's port
07. The Nantes to Brest canal
08. The junction of waterways
09. Half timbered corbelled houses
10. La Bogue d'Or - Place de la Duchesse Anne

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