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 France Lens in the Miners Footsteps to the Louvre Zevisit


Lens, a city moulded by the era of mining.
In the miners' footsteps, witnesses remember
"everybody went to the mine with his "briquet"…it was the meal…for the pause..…break in English.

History and stories : varied themes…
The construction of the station : a revolutionary concept – the "Blood and Golds", mythical football team from the Bollaert stadium – the dynamic history of the trades-people - destruction and reconstruction of the city – victim of the wars – the wrath of the miners and the Courrière catastrophe that changed everything – the power of the Lens mining company the history of coal in the region – the miners' work- the terrils-life in a mining settlement-the successful reconversion of the sites- the arrival of the Louvre in Lens

They let us discover their treasures and share their secrets : Interviews…
Pascale Bréemersch, the curator of the municipal archives of Douai explains how the new railway network in Lenshas has been determing in the development of the city
Maurice Denis, former announcer for RC Lens tells us about the infancy of the club
Victor Poincelet, the owner of a porcelain shop, remembers the great hours of his business
Jean Claude Jeanson claims the status of "patigoustier". An artisan in love with traditions and taste
Lucette Clin, the grand-daughter of a miner, remembers her grand-father who survived a mine collapse
Denis Bucher, the grand-son of one of the mine managers, he remembers the pomp of the "château" bals.
Jean Latosispent 33 years at the bottom of the mines, he tells us about it
Abbot Becquart, the parish priest of St Theodore evokes his childhood in the mining settlements
In what way is it symbolic for the Louvre to set itself up on the former mining wasteland ? CEO of Louvre Henri Loyrette, explains.

7 stops to discover and listen to History... stories
Commentaries read by actors, reconstitutions, interviews, music… With every spot : a 3 minute commentary.
Audioguiding – suggests an itinerary to get from one stop to the next.

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