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 Dorset Portland castle

Built to defend Weymouth against possible French and Spanish invasion, it has survived largely unaltered. Its squat appearance is typical of the castles built by Henry VIII in the early 1540s. The castle first witnessed serious fighting during the Civil War, when it was seized by both Parliamentarians and Royalists.

In World War I it was a Seaplane Station and during World War II it was at the forefront of D-Day preparations.The new Governor's Garden, designed by Christopher Bradley-Hole, is part of the Contemporary Heritage Garden series. Its heart is an impressive circular amphitheatre made from the local Portland stone, with two-level seating for about 200 people. This creates an enclosed space while making the most of the dramatic sea views. Blocks of tall ornamental grasses, spaced around the amphitheatre to correspond with the points of the compass, sway in the wind and reflect light. In addition, the existing trees have now been supplemented by 12 new Corsican pine trees, planted to create a backdrop for the garden. The result is an ideal environment to relax and enjoy the fantastic view of the harbour.

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