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 Manchester Radical Manchester. Industrial Powerhouse


Manchester as the first industrial city inevitably found itself at the forefront of social movements and radical thought. The character of the city reinforced this. Manchester has been described as the least aristocratic city in the UK and was largely a middle-class and working class creation. This tour, in two parts, explores Manchester’s radical credentials from its support of Parliament in the English Civil War, its non-conformist visionaries, the Peterloo Massacre, the Anti-Corn Law League, Chartism, Trade Unionism, the Labour Movement, the Votes for Women campaign and the Suffragettes through to today’s Manchester Pride.

Jonathan Schofield has been a Blue Badge tour guide in Manchester and the North West since 1986. During that period he’s taken over 40 different nationalities around the region from general visitors and conference and convention guests via journalists and broadcasters to eccentrics and specialists. Jonathan writes regularly for the Manchester listings magazine City Life and more sporadically for diverse others. He is the author and editor of several guidebooks about the North West of England.

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