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he history of Barcelona goes back to the Romans - and in this Podtour™ we'll concentrate on the area of the Roman city, within the original Roman walls. This is where the Counts of Barcelona made their fortress, and built the cathedral, and the government of the city and the region is still based exactly where the Romans had their Forum.
Barcelona became one of the most wealthy cities of the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages. Its fleets traded with the Orient and with Italy, and its Counts married into royalty, becoming Kings of Aragon and, eventually, Spain. Signs of that wealth are everywhere in the old city of Barcelona - fine paintings, huge Gothic churches, and the medieval Generalitat building that is still the seat of the Catalan government.

We'll visit the cathedral, and get a feeling for the rather austere Catalan Gothic style. Then in what used to be the port area, we'll see how the stevedores and porters put their stamp on the church they helped to build, Santa Maria del Mar. We'll see mansions from the later middle ages, a Royal palace, and the narrow alleys of the Jewish quarter, the Call.

This tour starts in front of the cathedral, and stays mainly in the old city, but detours out to Santa Maria del Mar, ending at Sant Pau del Camp.

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