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 France Laon Cathedral The Springtime of Gothic Podtours


Laon cathedral is not well known outside France, but it is one of the most perfect Gothic cathedrals. Started a generation before the great cathedral of Chartres, it's hardly been changed since the day it was finished.

This is a tour for the architectural enthusiast. We show you how the style developed, and how the anonymous master of Laon created a complex and richly three dimensional art out of very simple elements. Once you've seen Laon, you'll never look at a Gothic cathedral the same way again.

We'll also look at the fine original stained glass, we'll find a friendly skeleton, and hear the story of Jo lo Jongleur, the minstrel who juggled for the Virgin Mary.

The tour starts in front of the west facade of Laon cathedral.

If you're going to Laon, make sure you also read our 'best of the rest' page to make the most of your stay in this charming hilltop city.

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