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 Belgium Bruges The Glories of the Fifteenth Century Podtours


Bruges was one of the great trading cities of the Middle Ages; Italian, Spanish and German merchants passed each other in the streets, the Dukes of Burgundy held glorious court here, and the great painters Van Eyck and Memling vied to immortalise the life of their day. Fine architecture and narrow medieval streets

Take a trip through the fifteenth century and visit intriguing characters like Lodowijck van Gruuthuse - the Flemish lord who became Earl of Winchester. Our Podtour™ takes you through the centre of the city, visiting churches and mansions. It's not just a sightseeing tour - you'll be totally immersed in the history of the city. Then we head out of the centre, towards the unusual Jerusalem Church, and meet Anselme Adorrnes - a Bruges merchant from a Genoese family, diplomat and spy, and Jerusalem pilgrim.

The Podtour™ starts in the main square of the city, Markt, facing the Gothic belfry.

Don't forget to print out our free tour from Sint Jans Hospitaal to the peaceful Begijnhof and Minnewater - with a couple of little turnings and back streets many tourists never get to see.

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