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A Historical Audio Tour of Ethnic Communities along St-Laurent Boulevard Aboard Bus 55

The purpose of this project is to use the 55 bus line, which runs on St-Lawrence Boulevard, as a tool to share some of the histories of immigrant communities who settled along the Main. During the tour, you will meet Roddy Chung who emigrated from China in 1968; Palmira Lima Ferreira, who came with her husband and daughter from Portugal in 1964; Steve Schreter who operates the family business founded by his great cousin Joe Schreter back in 1928; Sid Stevens, one of the founders of Sun Youth, who recalls the days when everyone spoke Yiddish on St-Lawrence; Biagio Maiorano whose family settled in St-Lawrence’s Little Italy in 1957; and Michel Ferland, who has been driving the 55 bus route since the early 1990’s.

The Main has provided a home away from home for various waves of immigrant groups. Chinatown, the Jewish district, the Portuguese community, and Little Italy are examples of the ethnic groups who have carved out a refuge on the Main, long before the appearance of styled façades on this boulevard. For a long time Saint-Laurent symbolized the division between the mostly British, Protestant and affluent west, and the mainly French, Roman Catholic, and destitute east of Montreal. Instead of imagining the Main as a division, one might see how it has served as a stitch, or a type of cosmic glue, which has held this city together.

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