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 Russia Moscow Tverskay District Variant Guide


The road connecting Moscow to Tver, the central city of one of the most powerful Russian princedoms, and to the wealthy merchant towns in the North-West – Novgorod and Pskov – was built as early as the 14th century. After Tver was conquered in the 15th century, the Moscovites used to say that “Tver was a door to Moscow” and called the road to Tver “the Tsar’s Road”.

Sites Covered
* Filippov Bakery.
* The National Hotel
* Moscow University
* The Hotel Metropol
* The House of Morozova
* Shchepkin Drama School
* The Ober-Chalme Estate
* The Residence of the General Governours of Moscow
* The Morozov Mansion
* Eliseev Department Store

* Museums & galleries

* The Museum of Stanislavsky.
* The Museum of Gorky
* The Museum of Anton Chekhov
* The State Central Museum of the Modern History of Russia

* Churches & cathedrals
* The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Putinki.
* The Cathedral of the Ascension of Our Lord
* The Church of Saint Martyr Tatiana.
* Streets & squares
* Bryusov Lane
* Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street
* Teatralnaya Square
* Pushkinskaya Square
* Patriarch's Ponds

* Monuments
* The Moscow Conservatory
* The Manege
* The House of the Noble Assembly

* Theater
* The Bolshoy Theater
* The Moscow Operetta Theater
* The Moscow Art Theater
* The Mayakovsky Theater
* The Maly Theater

* Monastery
* Upper St. Peter's Monastery

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