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 Russia Moscow The Arbat District Variant Guide


The Arbat is the street which has become the symbol of old Moscow for all Russians. In October 1993, the Arbat celebrated its 500th anniversary. It was first mentioned in a chronicle in 1493, when on 28 July a terrible fire, which started from a candle at the Church of St. Nicholas in Peski, ravaged Moscow. This story led to a famous Moscovite saying: "A penny candle razed Moscow to the ground."
Sites covered
* The House of Ofrosimova.
* The House of Arkharov
* The Pertsov House
* Pashkov House
* The Academy of Arts
* The House of Architect Melnikov
* The Residence of Prince Nikolay Shakhovskoy.
* Prague Restaurant
* The Fire Station
* The House of Berg
* The House of General Ermolov
* The Museum of Andrei Bely
* The Pushkin Museum
* Shchusev Museum of Architecture
* The Museum of Lermontov
* The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.
* The Museum of Shalyapin
* The Museum of Scriabin

* Churches & cathedrals

* The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

* Streets & squares

* The Arbat Square
* Spasopeskovsky Lane.
* The Prechistenka Street

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