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 Kent Canterbury Westgate Tower to St George's Gate


Welcome to the lovely City of Canterbury in East Kent.
Over the years the City developed as a centre of worship, a market town and also as a travellers' rest.
Canterbury attracted new settlers throughout the ages, the Romans, Saxons, Christian missionaries the Normans and later the Walloons. There is still evidence of such a past all over the city if you know where to look.
The murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170. and his canonization led to stream of visitors to his shrine in the Cathedral, the inspiration for Chaucerís Pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales.

Join me on a walk through the site of the old city walls following the route of the ancient London to Dover Road. We will explore from West Gate Towers in St Peters Street straight through the city to the site of St Georges Tower or Northingate. Along the way we will explore some of Cityís famous landmarks, hear of some of its colourful residents and uncover many hidden treasures.

We begin just outside West Gate Tower to the left of the entrance way. From here you can go at your own pace using the map and audio instructions to follow each audio point in turn. Donít forget you can pause and repeat sections as necessary stopping off as the mood takes you.

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For further information please visit:
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