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Set in the fairytale landscape of Bohemia, Prague oozes with Gothic charm. As Frans Kafka once said of the city, "this little mother has claws" and on this tour we dig into the best the city has to offer. From the haunting spires of the Staromestske nam to the timeless Charles Bridge, this tour provides a complete overview of Prague as we uncover the history of the city cobblestone by cobblestone.

The tour begins at Wenceslas Square, named for a visionary king, and site of the Prague Spring and the Velvet Revolution of 1989 when Prague shook of the shackles of Communism. We then take you through the heart of the old town to the best preserved examples of medieval architecture anywhere in Europe. See the Jewish Quarter where Frans Kafka was born and where Hitler once tried to establish a "museum to an exterminated race." The tour continues on to the Vltava River where the largest castle in the world sits majestically over the city. Next, we cross over the Charles Bridge to the New Quarter, once home to alchemists and diplomats alike, and now the location of some of Prague's best beer pubs. Finally, we end at one of Prague's best known churches and learn how Prague's struggle for religious and political freedom has helped make it one of the most vital and vibrant capitals in Europe.

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