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 Ireland Dublin Kilmainham- A Special Place In History iWalk


Written and narrated by Pat Liddy

Take a look around you before leaving on the walk. The Luas tram system, which may have
brought you here, is a new system, dating only from late 2004. Luas means ‘speed’ in
the Irish language. The large railway terminus that you are standing beside is Heuston
Station, which is the country’s principal and busiest terminus for Intercity rail services.
Designed by Sancton Wood and completed in 1844 the ornate building also served as the
headquarters of the Great Southern and Western Railway Company, an amalgamation of
some two dozen smaller regional concerns. On the other side of the busy road, over which
the Luas tracks cross, stands the former Dr Steevens Hospital. In the old days the bell
in the old clock tower was rung when consultants entered the hospital. Today the bell is,
sadly, quite silent and but marks the passing of an era.

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