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Welcome to iWalks, our free podcast audio guides to Dublin, the latest hot topic in travel!

iWalks are podcast audio guides to Dublin from Dublin Tourism. These convenient guides tell the story of Dublin as spoken by their author, historian and artist, Pat Liddy. There are eleven themes covering many fascinating aspects of the city. You can download the guides and use them as free walking tour guides to the city, or you can just listen to them to discover the fascinating story of Dublin.

All our iWalks are free to download and we'll be releasing new iWalks over the coming weeks and months. Each iWalk comes with a free full colour brochure featuring maps and original illustrations by Pat Liddy. The brochures for the walks can also be downloaded from this site.

Dublin Tourism are delighted to be able to bring you a new GUINNESS® iWalk. Journey from the heart of Dublin to the heart of GUINNESS®. iWalk GUINNESS® will guide you through Dublin city centre, telling you the fascinating story of how GUINNESS® has been intertwined in the city for centuries. The audio tour will lead you to the GUINNESS STOREHOUSE® where an array of interesting characters will bring the experience to life!

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