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San Francisco's Union Square is centrally located and is one of the busiest and most historic areas of San Francisco. Served by the Powell Cable Car Line and popular with tourists and local shoppers, Union Square is surrounded by expensive shops, exclusive boutiques, and some of the grandest hotels in the city. Geogad's Mobile Tour of San Francisco's Union Square touches on the spirit of San Francisco by explaining the history of cable cars, Union Square, the Gold Rush of 1849, Chinatown, and much more. This tour is a great way to introduce first time visitors to San Francisco and to reintroduce previous visitors to San Francisco.

Instructions to Get Your Free Tour

To download a Geogad Mobile Tour, just log in to your account or create an account. The free Geogad Mobile Tour includes ads and info on local restaurants, shops and businesses. You could also purchase the tour without ads for a nominal fee after you log in.

Tour Details

Length of audio tracks: Approximately 25 minutes not including any ads.
Duration of tour: Approximately 1 to 2 hours depending on pace and assuming no stops.
Difficulty of tour: Easy to moderate walk. No large hills.
Best time for tour: Daytime

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