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City Surf is proud to announce the launch of its latest audio tour in partnership with Waterfront Toronto. This tour will take you through the past, and future of the Waterfront!

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This audio tour will take you from Queens Quay Terminal to the recently-launched Ireland Park. We will tell you about the great spots you will see along the way, including Harbourfront Centre, HTO Park, The Music Garden, and the Spadina Wetland. We will also tell you about the exciting future communities that will be built in the area as a part of Waterfront Toronto's revitalization plan for the city's waterfront.
The Waterfront Audio Tour is available for download online for free or it can be listened to at the South West corner of the Queens Quay Terminal. Audio tour MP3 players are available at this location to take out for the day for free. All you have to do is show up at the terminal, and everything you need will be provided!

Enjoy the tour!

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For further information please visit:
City Trail

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