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 Spain Barcelona Ramblin' On La Rambla Walki Talki


Let’s get ready to Rambla! On this tour, we take you down Barcelona’s most famous promenade, La Rambla, as we uncover the history of Barcelona from tapas to bottom. Learn how a dried up riverbed (Rambla in Arabic) grew to become one of the liveliest streets in the world and the symbol of a city rejuvenated. Here you can experience all the flows of daily life in Barcelona and let yourself drift on a sea of sights, sounds and smells as we fill in the details to help make sense of the rich pageant that is La Rambla. Major stops include the sprawling Boqueria Food Market, the Grand Teatre de Liceu, the palm tree-laden Placa Reial and the Palau Guell, Antoni Gaudi’s original masterpiece and an early example of Spanish art nouveau. The tour finishes along the shores of the Mediterranean at Barcelona’s renovated Port Vell. It was here that Christopher Columbus first set foot upon returning from the new world and marks the end the Rambla strolled by Columbus and countless others - Picasso, Joan Miro, Einstein, George Orwell, Cervantés, Pablo Neruda and's your turn. Ramble on!

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