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 China Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Walk the Talk


Join us on an adventure through Tsim Sha Tsui, the district of immigrants, starting at the Star Ferry by the harbourfront. Trace Tsim Sha Tsui's transformation from buccaneer's den to tourist mecca, and hear about the entrepreneurs from every corner of the world that made it all happen. Explore the seamy, living sets of Hong Kong cinema as we introduce you to triads, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Wong Kar-Wai in their own back yard. We'll reflect on why Hong Kong seems a city without memory, and share Rudyard Kipling's memories of a trip to the dark side of town.
WALK THE TALK HONG KONG is available at Hong Kong's leading bookshops on-line travel sites. Scroll down this page for the addresses of retailers selling our walks.

Our pocket-size walking packages include an easy-to-read map and an 8 digit access code. After the first time you dial in, you are provided with 3 days of access. Packages are sold in two varieties, with a pre-paid SIM card and without a SIM card (recommended for Hong Kong residents).

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