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We start our walk of Hong Kong's Central District by the famous Star Ferry terminal, and immediately begin an exploration into how this jungle of glass, steel and concrete came into being. What brought all these people here, an island that less than 200 years ago was just a barren rock? We'll hear about how this city was founded by opium Taipans, marvel at the stunning glamour of buildings IM Pei, Norman Foster, Paul Rudolph and Cesar Pelli have woven into our urban fabric, learn about the brutal Japanese occupation, and get some insider tips on Asia's premier party-zone Lan Kwai Fong!

How does WALK THE TALK work? Simple! You just dial the number listed on our easy-to-read maps and follow the walking route. You can pause, fast-forward, rewind, as well as hang up and re-join the walk later. You can dial in from any phone (Too lazy to walk? Dial in from your hotel room!).

WALK THE TALK HONG KONG is available at Hong Kong's leading bookshops on-line travel sites.

Guide includes map

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