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Barcelona is one of the most visually exciting cities in all of Europe, thanks in great part to the many architectural gems created by one of Barcelona’s favorite sons, renowned architect Antonio Gaudi. While we will not mix in with the hoards of tourists to visit the Sagrada Familia, we will see one of Antonio Gaudi’s other masterpieces, the Palau Guell now classified as a World Heritage site.

Discovery Walks – Barcelona will take us through the most historically significant parts of the city, past the ruins of Roman walls and temples, through the Jewish quarter of the ancient city, and along the lively Las Ramblas, the heart and soul of modern Barcelona.

We’ll see some of the most historically important religious and governmental buildings including the Royal Palace where Ferdinand and Isabel welcomed Christopher Columbus after his historic discovery of the New World. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore the history and art of the city in several fascinating museums.

And the beauty of walking through a city like Barcelona is not just that you see the fascinating historical and architectural wonders, but that you also get a true feeling of the everyday lives of the old town.

Barcelona is truly one of Europe’s most fascinating cities and with Discovery Walks – Barcelona you’ll explore the beauty and history the city has to offer on your own, away from the crush of tourist crowds.

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