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Although not as large as many of the other historic European cities, Pisa offers a wealth of history and architectural beauty. Discovery Walks – Pisa will take us through the most historically significant parts of the spacious green lawn known as the Field of Miracles, or Piazza dei Miracoli.

Here we’ll find one of the world’s most identifiable landmarks – the leaning towerof Pisa. But the field is also home to the beautiful Duomo, the historic Baptistery, and the city’s holy cemetery, the Camposanto.

And if you like museums you’ll enjoy two fine ones that are located here among the architectural wonders of the Field of Miracles. The Art Museum of the Cathedral displays works of art that were once scattered in the four monuments of the Piazza. And we’ll visit the Museo delle Sinopie, housed in a restored wing of what was once the Hospital Santa Chiara in 1257.

Pisa’s famous Field of Miracles offers some outstanding architectural gems, including the world famous leaning tower. With Discovery Walks you’ll explore the beauty and history the area has to offer on your own and away from the crush of tourist crowds.

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