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The cliffs of Sorrento are the same captivating cliffs that were once home to the Sirens of Greek mythology whose hypnotizing songs lured sailors to their deaths. But it’s no myth that Sorrento’s mild climate and the wonderful views of the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Naples have lured vacationers from around the world for almost 200 years. Discovery Walks will lead you to the best possible locations from which to enjoy these unforgettable sights, whether it’s the overlook at the Villa Comunale or the terrace at the Hotel Syrene.

But while the beauty of the area is well known, the fact that there are many wonderful churches, museum, and historical mansions is overlooked by most visitors. Sorrento’s relatively flat terrain makes it an ideal walking town, and Discovery Walks will help you get away from the masses to enjoy more of the town’s charms on your own.

A stroll through the narrow alleyways of the town will lead us to interesting churches including the Basilica of Saint Anthony, the Church of Santo Francesco and the town’s remarkable Cathedral. And if you like museums I think you’ll find the Terranova Museum will be one of your all-time favorites. You’ll even have the opportunity to get away from the town itself to enjoy a quiet stroll along the tip of the peninsula or through some of the peaceful orchards along the cliffs.

From amazing views and quiet churches to fascinating museums and irresistible shopping you’ll find a journey through Sorrento with Discovery Walks is an unforgettable pleasure and one of the highlights of your trip to the Amalfi coast.

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