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Corfu is the busiest and most cosmopolitan of the Ionian Islands of Western Greece. With its magnificent harbor, splendid scenery and wealth of picturesque ruins and castles, Corfu Town is a favorite stopping place for travelers of all nations.

The island has always been a place of strategic importance, so at one time or another, it has fallen under the control of the Romans, the Venetians, the French and the British, leaving a colorful blend of European cultures and architecture.

Discovery Walks will take you across the historic old town, from the Old Fortress on the east to the New Fortress on the west. In between we’ll visit museums including the fascinating Archeological Museum and the moving Museum of Serbs in Corfu. And like all Greek towns Corfu offers some splendid churches as well, so we’ll visit the town’s most sacred building, the Church of St. Spyridon, and the quaint Church of the Holy Virgin Mondrakina among others. And no visit would be complete without wandering the narrow streets, exploring the many shopping opportunities and pausing for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat at the elegant parade of cafes known as the Liston situated next to the towns largest park and the center of its social activities, the Spianada.

With Discovery Walks you’ll discover that Corfu is an unforgettably delightful blend of European styles and historic reminders of a rich and important past.

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