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 Portugal Lisbon Discovery Walks


Although not as well known as many of the other historic European cities, Lisbon offers a wealth of history and architectural beauty.

Discovery Walks – Lisbon will take us through the most historically significant parts of the city, from the waterfront steps where kings and queens of Europe once landed to visit the Royal Palace to the hilltop Chiado district, the heart and soul of the city’s cultural and social life In the 19th century.

The city’s many squares and parks have always played an integral part in the Lisbon lifestyle and our walk will take us past some of the most visually appealing and historically important ones.

And if you choose to make the climb to visit the Castle of Saint George you’ll enjoy a panorama of the entire city from the port, some 400 feet below, to the hills beyond the town.

Like most European cities religion is also important to Lisbon and we’ll see some of the most important historical religious buildings here as well. If you like museums you’ll be thrilled with several excellent ones located along our walk. Or if shopping is on your to-do list we’ll also be strolling the entire length of some of the city’s premier pedestrian shopping streets.

Lisbon is now a beautiful and vibrant city and one of Europe’s less known historical gems. With Discovery Walks you’ll explore the beauty and history the city has to offer on your own and away from the crush of tourist crowds.

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