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 Greece Mykonos Discovery Walks


Mykonos Town is a perfect example of a village in the Cyclades, the Greek island group in the Argean Sea located south-east of the mainland Greek city of Athens. The Cyclades are located around the most sacred of all Greek islands, Delos, but Mykonos is perhaps the most famous Greek islands and one of the top vacation destinations in the world.

The town’s dazzling white houses and narrow cobble stone alleyways were built to confuse the occasional pirate attack and to shelter the residents from the island’s steady winds. Today this is one of the friendliest and most photographed ports in Greece.

Discovery Walks – Mykonos will take you past the most beautiful buildings and to the most photographed locations the town has to offer. Pose with Mykonos’ mascot, Petros the Pelican, and photograph one the town’s indelible images, the windmills that were once such a critical part of the island’s economy. Stop by the church where the last pirate on Mykonos is buried as well as the oldest and most photographed church.

You’ll have a chance to visit the best museums, the most intimate and interesting churches, and the most popular shopping streets that this charming Greek town has to offer.

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