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The New Zealand Audio Guide covers all of New Zealandís favourite tourist spots and tells you about our places, history and people.

Listen to the stories of the people and places that make up this beautiful land that the Maori call Aotearoa Ė The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Download the audio guide then sit back and listen to the full tour or select any of the 31 individual tracks.

Guide 2 New Zealand helps you plan your vacation travel and makes it easy for you to experience New Zealandís best destinations. MP3 travel is the only way to travel.

This guide to New Zealand is an extensive commentary for people holidaying here for a longer time or those who want to learn about New Zealand. It will take you from Northland, at the top of the North Island, to Stewart Island, at the bottom of the country and all the places in between. This comprehensive tour is ideal for young and old travellers, for the independent traveller or those on organised tours.

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