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 Northumberland Warkworth Castle

A hillside stronghold and home to the Percy family of Shakespearean fame, set in the beautiful historic village of Warkworth The majestic keep of Warkworth is one of the masterpieces of late medieval architecture. It dominates the castle which stands on a hill high above the River Coquet. A complex stronghold, it was home to the immensely powerful Percy family, which at times wielded more sway in the north than the king. Most famous of them all was Harry Hotspur (Sir Henry Percy), of Shakespeare's Henry IV fame. Hotspur, who was immortalised in many Northumberland ballads, dominated the Borders in the 15th century alongside his father, the Earl of Northumberland. Together, they fought off the Scots on behalf of the King, before assisting in the removal of Richard II from the throne. As home to this great family, Warkworth was, and still is, an impressive castle.

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