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Easyguide for Petra is the first Audio Tour Guide available to tourists visiting the ancient Nabataean city of Petra.

Easyguide is your own private tour guide in Petra whenever and wherever you need one . It provides you with an intimate, unhurried experience at various archaeological sites.
Hand held audio guide devices available for rent at some hotels in Petra for a rental fee of JD10 (approx 14$) per day.

- Mobile phone audio guide service for Petra available through all mobile service providers in Jordan; Fastlink, Umniah, Mobilecom and Express and for all roamers. Tourists can access the service and choose their option of language and site by dialing 0900 99 303; using their personal mobile phone.
avaiable on CD delivered to your hotel

If you would like to listen to this Audio Guide using a mobile Telephone call 0900 99 303

For further information please visit:
Historic SiteCity Trail

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