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 France The Château de Lourmarin and Silvacane Abbey Pocketvox


The Château de Lourmarin and Silvacane Abbey
Provence - Aix Countryside

Monument - About 1h15 + 1h15

We suggest a half-day trip to these charming and serene locations in the Aix countryside: the Château de Lourmarin and Silvacane Abbey. After either of these visits you may also decide to have lunch or diner in one of the nearby villages when you’ve finished the tour. In the case of the Chateau the nearest village is Lourmarin whereas the village of Roque d'Anthéron is closest to the Abbey; both are charming examples of Provencal villages. What can we expect to see during this tour?

* The Château of Lourmarin is a simple and majestic structure in Renaissance style. It is flanked with ivy-covered towers bearing casement windows. Its interior courtyard is surrounded by magnificent Italian-style loggias and has been furnished as if its inhabitants have only just left. It will give us the opportunity to talk about the Wars of Religion which raged at the time the chateau was first inhabited.
* Silvacane Abbey was one of the abbeys known as the “Three Sisters of Provence”. It reflects the great influence of the Cistercian Order in Provence. The beauty of the Abbey lies both in the contrast between its simplicity and volume as well as its architectural purity which contributes to the harmony of the forms. The old stones, serenity and atmosphere of the Abbey will undoubtedly charm you.

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