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 France the Luberon: Gordes and the Bories Village Pocketvox


The Luberon: Gordes and the Bories village
Provence - The Luberon massif

Walk - About 3 hours - Classic

The Luberon is a land of contrast and colour where you’ll find cliff-top villages, deep valleys, field of lavender and oil mills. We’re going to take you to one of the most famous places which has been described in the words of poets and inhabited by artists. This is the village of Gordes, considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of France.
Perched 1,000 feet up on its rocky peak, Gordes looks down over the Caladon Valley. In fact the village seems to lean towards the valley as if it’s about to tumble down the steep hillside.
We’ll then take you to the nearby village of Les Bories, where there is an entrance fee to visit. This very unusual place is in fact a deserted village which nevertheless maintains an air of mystery about it. You’ll be wondering what Les Bories actually are. Well, they’re a type of hut built entirely of dry stone, including the roof. During this tour we’ll be visiting an example of an ancient habitat that is frequently found throughout the Mediterranean region.

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