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Avignon is famous for its Festival of Theatre which has been held annually since 1947.
However the town is also known for the role it played in the middle ages when for over a century, it was the residence of the pope and consequently the capital of Christianity, a sort of second Rome. The whole appearance of the town is marked by this period of its history, both in the construction and extension of the vast Palais des Papes and the Cardinals’ Palaces as well as in the multitude of churches and convents to be found in the town. The presence of the Popes ensured the growth of Avignon both in size and importance at this prime location in the Rhone Valley. Consequently, even after the departure of the Popes new churches, convents and magnificent private residences continued to be built in the town.
It’s this exceptional heritage and unique history that we’ll discover together during our audio tour through the streets and squares. We’ll begin near the ramparts and station, at the main entrance to the town. We’ll be drawn in by the charm of old Avignon, with its cloisters, rows of private residences, the Cardinals Palaces and its churches. Keeping the best for last, our tour will finish with the Palais des Papes and the Doms Rock - the grand finale of any visit of Avignon.

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