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Arles: from St Trophime to the Roman Theatre
Provence - Center of the city

Walk - About 2 hours

What will we find during this audio walk? Few towns in France such as Arles can claim to have been both residence to the Roman Emperors and later at the end of the Carolingian era, the capital of a kingdom. The important role that Arles played at certain moments in history is the reason for its numerous and magnificent monuments. These make it undoubtedly one of the most attractive towns with the finest works of art in the south of France.
It’s through its charming streets, squares and outstanding yet amazingly varied monuments, that we’ll discover the history of Arles. We’ll explore Ancient Arles with its famous Roman arena, theatre, baths and forum. Then there’s the masterpiece of Romanesque art, the church of Saint-Trophime, and

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