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 Croatia Dubrovnik Old Town Second Visit Pocketvox


2nd visit of Dubrovnik : From the Grand' Place to the dominicain convent
Croatia - Town center

Walk - 2 hours - 5€ (ex. suppl.2€) Classic

This audio guide is the continuation of the 1st tour we made, which took us from the Pile Gate to Luza Square. So it’s now from this main square and more precisely from Orlando’s Column in the centre that we’ll commence our 2nd walk. We’re going to stroll through the Old Town, where we’ll be coming across large and small squares, as well as the market place. We’ll also discover some of the town’s major monuments including the Cathedral, the Jesuits’ Church and the Dominican Monastery. We recommend you take this tour in the morning, in particular to see the fruit and flower market which is open until midday.

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