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 Austria Vienna From Graben to the Burgtheater Pocketvox


Walk - About 2 hours

This audio tour will be taking you through the Old Town which epitomises the latter-day power of the Hapsburgs and of Vienna itself. It will take us from Stephansplatz to the Burgtheater on Ringstrasse, the 2 and a ½ mile long boulevard which surrounds Old Vienna. We’ll walk through a number of squares including Judenplatz, Freyung and Am Hof, where the Babenbergs, the first ruling dynasty of Vienna, built their palace. Our tour will also take us past several churches in varying styles as well as a number of palaces including Kinsky, Ferstel and Liechtenstein. All these sights will lead us on a journey through the city’s history from the Middle Ages to the modern day, not forgetting of course, the relevance of the year 1683. It was in that year that Vienna definitively triumphed over the Ottoman Empire and from then onwards, was able to devote itself unreservedly to the Baroque movement. Oh yes – and don’t let us forget another type of Viennese monument – the coffeehouse, which is indeed a true institution of the city. We’ll be able to stop for a drink at one of the most famous of them all: the Café Central.

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