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Arezzo is one of the most delightful tours in Tuscany. This is partly because its magnificent medieval town centre, rich in architectural references, has been preserved and is for the most part pedestrianised. However it’s also because the town’s artistic heritage spans several periods in the history of art: the 14th century at the Pieve Church, the 15th century at the Basilica of San Francesco, the 16th century at the Casa di Vasari and the 18th century at the Badia Church. Furthermore, the basilica of San Francesco is home to a series of paintings considered to be one of the major treasures of Italy’s heritage, irrespective of era or region. We’re referring to the frescos entitled “The Legend of the True Cross” a masterpiece by Piero Della Francesca, one of Italy’s greatest Renaissance painters. These recently restored frescos impart a deep sense of peace to all that view them and immense admiration for the limitless talent of this exceptional artist.
Our audio tour will take us through the streets and lanes of the old city, concentrating in particular on its medieval and Renaissance heritage.

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