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 USA Savannah 3 Squares - An Elegant City Walk iTour Savannah


Beginning at an art-filled coffeehouse south of Chippewa Square, this iTour takes you through three of Savannah’s most enchanting squares: Madison, Monterey, and Calhoun. You’ll see and experience the charm and mystique of Civil War Savannah -- her beauty and grandeur made real by one of America’s most extensive collections of Greek Revival, Romanesque, Italianate, and Gothic Revival architecture.

Moss covered live oaks and magnolias line the streets and enshroud the city in luscious greenery. You’ll discover hidden gardens and quiet, cobble-stoned back streets along the way. The gentle klippity-klop of a horse drawn carriage and a distant chime of church bells will add to the joy of this leisurely walk. You’ll want to pause the iTour often to soak in the history and elegance of this extraordinary “Georgian” city.

Queue up this iTour Module for a memorable and truly unique tour through the heart of Savannah’ Historic district.

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