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Praguers were ahead of their time in embracing Mozart, the man who would soon become one of the world’s most important and revered composers.. While they were busy giving him raucous applause, the rest of the world, including residents of his native Salzberg, were denigrating, or worse, simply ignoring, him.

The funeral mass held for him in Prague had 400 times the number of attendees than his funeral in Vienna. And today no one can find his body, as he was buried in an unmarked grave in Austria. Enough said.

Join us for the Rough Guides iToors Podcast of Prague as we walk in Mozart’s shoes.

Highlights include:

* Sites connected to the family that helped seal the bond between the Mozart and the Golden City.
* Conjuring the ghosts of two of the greatest minds of the twentieth century as you visit the site where “Albert Einstein played violin here while hanging out with Franz Kafka”—as the plaque boasts.
* The theater where Don Giovanni was premiered and the legend of this famous opera’s overture.
* The clock that keeps the town from disaster.

And of course, drinking lots of Pilsner…

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