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The Krakow Audio Guide allows you to tour the city at your convenience and still be informed about the wonderful sites and museums you are visiting. Tour at your own pace and enjoy the amazing sites that Krakow has to offer with the Krakow Audio Guide, offered exclusively by VISIT.PL.

Krakow is the pearl of Polish cities, beautifully situated on both sides of the Vistula River, in the south of Poland. From the 9 th to the 17th century, it was Poland's capital and the seat of the Monarchy. It is a magical city, full of countless museums, theaters, and charming cafes. History is intertwined with modernity; virtually every piece of stone has its own history. The history is embodied in the numerous buildings representing every style of architecture. There are also approximately 2.5 million pieces of art collected in the museums, churches, and archives. Thanks to these unique pieces of cultural heritage, Krakow was honored as one of the sites on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

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